What Screws us up most as Americans…..Neighborhood Bully Grows up to be a LAWYER!

Deception has become so commonplace that few people even anguish over it anymore. The line of holiness or even basic decent behavior has been moved by those who do not pursue holiness or standards of decency. Rarely does anyone grieve over sin anymore.

There once was a neighborhood bully who took great joy in getting everyone else in trouble. He was about two years older than the rest of the kids on the block so naturally they all followed him wherever he decided to take them, for better or worse.

The tone of their lives was directly affected by what the bully did, how he felt, and whether or not you were his friend at any given time so the other kids quickly concluded that it was very important to be his friend. If you were, somehow, you were more important than the others. The problem was, he accepted and discarded “friends” on a whim, accepting another into his fold. Each of the kids took turns in his favor. This caused continual disharmony. No one was able to have peace, as they were all pitted against one another many times at his bidding. He would then sit back and enjoy the strife that he had caused. I hate to say this, but he became a lawyer when he grew up.

One day the kids on the block somehow all woke up. Within about a week, they all realized that he was really a friend to none of them. Kind of like a modern day politician who pretends to be your friend but is really using you and lying through his teeth.

His actions were exposed and they all quit playing his game. Soon afterwards, he found people outside of their neighborhood to influence, no doubt following the same pattern with them. But when he left, peace prevailed.

God has called us to be the strong influence in the world. We are called to make straight paths for people to follow, protecting them from harm as they go about their lives. Instead, most of them follow any big kid in the neighborhood who will take great joy in leading them to a path of strife and bondage. How pitiful! One day everyone will wake up to a truthful account of their lives, but more than likely it will be too late.

So let’s decide today in this upcoming new year, if we are going to be the bullied, taking it on the chin at every whim of the bully, or if we are going to be moral examples to others, standing up to bullies in our neighborhood and to elected officials who think they can do whatever they want to do with no resistance… We are the resistance. And we must never forget that evil triumphs when good people do nothing.

Please forward a copy of this email to anyone you know who has the potential to be the resistance. …and view more videos on our website at: http://Clean.TV

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