..don't be hushed, any longer!

Obama Offers Firms 3 Grand to Hire Illegal Workers!

……and then hushes the hecklers…are you kidding me? What has America come to when the government offers corporations a “bounty” of sorts to hire illegal immigrants American jobs? And what have American’s come to when we sit quietly by at the complete ruination of ours, our children’s and fellow American’s their rightful opportunity at successful lives through gainful employment?

All of us must wake up before all of our rights to freedom and liberty are striped away from us by our “corporatized government”.


Don’t be “hushed” into submission any longer America!! You can get involved by standing up, protesting and learning all you can to understand the current administrations operations and long term effects it will have on the American dream, we all share a birth right to!

Join Kayce Powell, attorney at law who has currently been a victim of the Obama Amnesty Scam, along with all Legal Americans”



Contact Kayce Powell at  or watch for announcements of Blog Talk Radio episodes featuring Mrs. Powell on Amnesty 101!


Coming Soon to Blog Talk Radio, Kayce R. Powell, Kayce R. Powell Law Offices, Hopkinsville, KY. on  Amnesty 101!



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