Mohon: Another Migrant Farmworker killed on Natcher Parkway

July 24, 2007-Julio Caesar Hernandez, 22 of Hopkinsville was killed!

-A migrant farm worker used in Kentucky State Bid Mowing Contract won by Clay Mohon Mowing, was struck the morning of Tuesday July 27, 2007 and killed on the William H. Natcher Parkway near Owemsboro, Kentucky.

Julio Cesar Hernandez, 22, of Hopkinsville was pronounced dead at the accident site, just south of the 69 mile marker in Daviess County.

Deputy Coroner Darrell Day said Hernandez was in the grassy median between the northbound and southbound lanes at 10:28 a.m., when a woman driving a red Chevrolet Blazer ran off the road into the median and struck him.

Hernandez was employed by Clay Mohon Mowing, a Hopkinsville firm that has a state contract to mow along the parkway. The driver of the sport utility vehicle was taken to Owensboro Medical Health System for treatment.

To quote Mr Mohon, he was “pissed off” he had to cough up 10,000.00 to ship this young mans body back to Mexico. How pitiful is that?

Can you imagine coming to this country to work on a farm, and then being killed working on a highway mowing crew? State bod contract mowing crews working migrant farmworkers, no wonder Mohon can underbid all the legal employers for the competition bid!

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