Mohon: A Devastating Barn Fire & A Missing Witness

by Stacy R. Webb, Chasing

Feb 24, 2011 White Plains, Ky.

There are men after me

was what he said that day when his friend Spencer Bowlin caught up with him in the woods on Gray’s Branch Road in White Plains, Ky. Though Spencer never saw any men chasing would be the last time any one would ever see Christopher “Chris” Frank Robinson! He simply vanished from the woods and was never seen or heard to utter another word after….“There are men after me”!

With much trepidations, Chris told several friends and relatives and announced at the Crofton Dollar General that in fact, “Men are after me” and appear distressed and concerned with his situation. Though he never reveled who or why anyone would “be after him”.

It must also be mentioned that Chris was the lead carpenter who built most of the interior of our beautiful new Christian Co., Court house. Though he was a well known and fine carpenter, Chris also had a long drug addiction history which caused himself and his family great grief in his life. And, though suspicions were cast upon his wife, and friend who were present at the time of his disappearance, both have been cleared, up to date of any wrong doing or participation in his abduction and no charges have ever been filed in his disappearance abduction.

Chris however being a drug addict, does not mean that his life was invaluable; he was a father, husband, grandfather, cousin and husband. But especially to his sister-in-law, Kathy Bartlett who has been Chris’ best advocate and spokesperson. Mrs. Bartlett who was also the first person notified of his disappearance/abduction has been his strongest alley and advocate. She has spent countless hours collecting information, and documenting leads, coordinating search efforts and always remembering his children and close family. His children and family, countless nights of not knowing and not understand where or what happened to their father.  This past Tuesday marked the four year anniversary since the date of his disappearance.

The family, his children deserve answers, and none have been forthcoming. In fact, Mrs. Bartlett continues to appeal to the public or anyone else to call the number listed below Officer Bob Winters of the Kentucky State Police,  if you have any information or leads.

Curious Coincident…..

In a pending settlement case (Mohon Barn Fire) brought against Clay W. Mohon by Stacy R. Webb (farm owner) and contributing author at Chasing would be going for a settlement trial, in a few months.

Christopher just happened to be hired by Clay W. Mohon and paid 200.00 to check his dark fired tobacco fires burning in the massive barn located at 1341 Grapevine Rd. Crofton, KY. early the morning of Oct 8, 2008 and was the last person in the barn the morning it burned to the ground! Chris said he had called Clay at approximately 4:20am on the morning in question to report the condition of the tobacco smoking fires. According to statements made by Chris, he had called Clay and informed him that

one of the bays in the barn was too hot and flaming in the southeast corner!

Exactly where the fire broke out destroying the massive barn, a stables and a rental trailer.  Chris said he advised Clay to come to the barn, and tend the fires. Chris then left for a scheduled trip to Illinois not returning or knowing of the fire for several days. When he returned, the first question he asked the barn owner was…“Didn’t Mohon come and put out the fire like I told him, it was too hot and flaring up”?

Lisa Robinson, Chris’s wife who was present when Chris disappeared says “she noticed an older white Ford pick-up truck parked several feet from the area of Christopher’s disappearance. As she reported to Trooper Winters, “there may have been a struggle going on within the stationary vehicle.”

Once Christopher Robinson disappeared there was nobody left that could testify against Clay Mohon, and testify concerning Clay Warren Mohon’s actual knowledge of the fire burning too hot and getting out of hand.  After Christopher disappeared, Clay Mohon changed is position and for the first time at trial denied liability for being the cause of the fire.

No witness to a liable suit against Mohon, valued at nearly 1,000,000.00..coincidence?

According to Lester Bennett Guier,

There was never, throughout the settlement process any inclination asserting that Mr. Mohon was not liable!

and the suit brought against him was for judgement of settlement, not to prove liable. Though the jury was lead to believe by defense council (high priced Insurance paid for attorneys) that in fact the question was liable and not settlement amount. In fact Clay paid the barn/farm owner 35,000.00


partial settlement, and American Reliable paid out 1,400.00 for contents belonging to renter and admitted he started the fire during depositions. However, on trial date Mohon’s Insurance Attorney showed up with a “Fire Marshall’s Report” stating the “cause of fire was undetermined” but according to the owner a fire Marshall never investigated because there was NEVER a question of how the fire started.  We never actually saw the report and do not know who would have signed such a report, when Clay Mohon testified as to being the one who started the fire.

Regardless, Chris never made it to depositions but the plantiff was questioned “where was he” several times over the course of depositions, and later a check was produced in his name, the Kentucky Court of Appeals decision mentions Chris specifically, but only in the context and sequence of events that Clay Mohon testified to.  Likewise, the Court of Appeals Opinion asserted that Clay Mohon had checked on the fires that morning, this is simply a lie and goes directly against all testimony given during deposition and during trial.  In fact Clay testified and produced a check where he paid Chris Robinson $200.00 to check the barn that morning. …”don’t you think that was a lot of money just to check on a barn, which took all of maybe 1/2 and hour?” asks the barn owner!

2011-ca-001746-Webb vs Mohon   (pdf document)

Without question the trial would have gone a lot different if Christopher Robinson had not disappeared, and was there to testify that he telephoned Clay Mohon that morning and told him that the fire was burning too hot, and that he needed to check on it. Clay Mohon was negligent alone, simply by not checking on the fire that morning, after Christopher Robinson contacted him.

With Chris out of the way…Mohon Insurance attorneys were free to question, assert and eventually win against the farm owner. Leaving Clay Mohon to profiting from Federal Crop Insurance (250,000.00) and Insurance policies (110,000.00) he bought on a barn structure…that he did not own!

As evident in the attached documents below, there was another dark fired barn on the farm he was renting in which it clearly shows two more policies on that barn (Farm Bureau & American Reliable)..which he was never allowed to fire on the owners farm again and the tobacco he had stored there was removed at owners request. Mohon was never allowed on the farm again.  The farm owner believes Mohon was armed with double policies on that structure and perhaps would have been another destructive fire in Mohon’s wake. Who in the world buys two policies on a barn which does not belong to them? What Insurance Company would sell him a policy without checking to make sure Mr. Mohon owned it?

Would the Kentucky State Police ever put Chris’s disappearance and this barn liable suit together? We think not, and not to date!  It was never investigated! We think it should be investigated and hope that a resolution for his family and friends would be forthcoming.

It should also be noted that after his insurance paid Mohon for the structure (110,00.00) and the Federal Crop Insurance (250,000.00) paid off on the crop loss….Clay and Shea bought a huge home, a new business (Mr. Mulch) and adopted more children.

A true Injustice, In our Eyes!


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Mohon apparently profiting from the loss of someone’s property, and misery of others. Christopher Robinson may have had a sketchy past that caused his disappearance, but it should not be overlooked that his disappearance played to the advantage of Clay Mohon in the pending trial.  Christopher Robinson was the last person who talked to Clay Mohon on the day of the fire, and was the only one who could have testified to entire sequence of events.  The mystery surrounding the disappearance of Christopher Robinson certainly needs to be further investigated, if for anything else to offer his family closure.

Christopher Frank Robinson

55 years years old.

Sex: Male
Race: White
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 170 pounds
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Tattoo on his right shoulder with “RIP Buckwheat”, “Lisa” on left chest and wizard with pointed hat on left forearm
Subject also has a scar on his upper left arm.

Christopher Frank Robinson’s Missing Person Poster

Christopher Frank Robinson has been missing for 3 years .


Missing From: White Plains, KY
Christopher Frank Robinson was last seen in a wooded area on Grays Branch Road near White Plains, KY. He was last seen wearing bib overalls, black hoodie and a toboggan.

Case officer is Trooper Bob Winters. If you know the whereabouts of Christopher Frank Robinson, please contact Kentucky State Police Post 2 Madisonville at .

Click here to e-mail Trooper Bob Winters about Christopher Frank Robinson


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