Attorney Pleas: Kayce Powell, Speaks Out on Wrongful Death/Negligence Case!

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For clarification purposes, and to clear up a misconception. I represent an American citizen whose death was the tragic result of being forced to go to the aid of an illegally untrained/unsupervised H-2A Mexican Farmworker, who was being fraudulently employed to work on a government contract.

For others who have expressed concerns about my willingness to speak out. I appreciate and understand where you’re coming from. Trust me it would be a lot easier for me if I could just let certain cases go, but if I did that I would not be fulfilling my purpose in life. And one day when I have to answer to my maker, I will not have to stand there and say, “Yes Lord I fought extremely hard for justice when it came easy and nobody opposed it, or when my client could afford it,” and if you can’t understand that then maybe you haven’t discovered your purpose in life yet. It is really not a choice for me. I can walk away from any case, except my Godwink cases. Please understand.

I began working on this case in 2011, three months after I moved back to KY and began practicing with Petey Rogers in Hopkinsville, KY. My heart sank as I listened to Cassie recount the sequence of events that day as it was told to her by Clay Mohon. But nothing could have prepared me for the total uncontrollable meltdown Cassie had as she began discuss in horrific details the agonizing feeling of trying to make peace with her husband’s death and having to say good bye to a casket filled with ziplock bags containing only pieces of him. She further discussed how it had been four months since her husband had past, and she was not only struggling with depression but with trying to figure out how to keep a roof over her kid’s heads and food on the table.

I knew then someway somehow I had to help her. I immediately began researching and discovering everything I could possibly know about the accident, about the employer and about possible causes of actions.

Most attorneys would be excited when their first Appellate Court case becomes a published opinion. But due to active efforts of the 6 defense attorneys, hired to protect the interests of Clay Mohon, both Court’s were deceived and misled concerning the legal employer of the Mexican farmworkers who was on same job site as Anthony Stevenson. In addition the defense counsel further acted in unison to confuse and mislead the Court regarding the ownership of the tractors and equipment being used by all parties on the day of the accident, and to circumvent the Plaintiff from completing discovery.

I am not asking anyone to take my word for the deliberate deceit and fraud orchestrated on the Court’s and on the public in general. All documents are attached, so you can see it yourself.

Regardless as to where anyone falls on the current amnesty issue, no citizen or politician would ever think it is okay for an employer to financially gain by illegally obtaining and using immigrant farmworkers on government contracts, taking away jobs from American Citizens, all while being at the expense of American taxpayers.

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