Local Mother and Grandmother, warns Meth Beware!

Adapted from a Face Book Posting after local mother, and grandmother fights back against Meth and those most responsible in our communities with prayer! Woman allegedly used meth while caring for children A Crofton woman is facing multiple charges after allegedly using methamphetamine while caring for two juveniles early Thursday morning. The Christian County Sheriff’s Department was called to a McBride Lane address around 1 a.m. to check the welfare of children there due to potential drug activity, according to a report, which says deputies got consent from 28-year oldRead More

..don't be hushed, any longer!

Obama Offers Firms 3 Grand to Hire Illegal Workers!

……and then hushes the hecklers…are you kidding me? What has America come to when the government offers corporations a “bounty” of sorts to hire illegal immigrants American jobs? And what have American’s come to when we sit quietly by at the complete ruination of ours, our children’s and fellow American’s their rightful opportunity at successful lives through gainful employment? All of us must wake up before all of our rights to freedom and liberty are striped away from us by our “corporatized government”. Don’t be “hushed” into submission any longerRead More

America’s Lady Justice; The Goddess of Divine Justice

  The origin may be Themis, a Greek mythological goddess. One of the Titans, pre-Hellenic nature deities born to Uranus and Ge, she remained and advised Zeus after his purge of the old pantheon. In depictions of her, she carries the scales of justice in one hand and a sword in the other, her eyes covered. She became an oracle at Delphi, and became known as a goddess of divine justice. A daughter of Themis and Zeus, Dike, known as a goddess of justice but not divine justice, presided overRead More

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