Christian County


Local Mother and Grandmother, warns Meth Beware!

Adapted from a Face Book Posting after local mother, and grandmother fights back against Meth and those most responsible in our communities with prayer! Woman allegedly used meth while caring for children A Crofton woman is facing multiple charges after allegedly using methamphetamine while caring for two juveniles early Thursday morning. The Christian County Sheriff’s Department was called to a McBride Lane address around 1 a.m. to check the welfare of children there due to potential drug activity, according to a report, which says deputies got consent from 28-year oldRead More

Mohon: A Devastating Barn Fire & A Missing Witness

by Stacy R. Webb, Chasing Feb 24, 2011 White Plains, Ky. There are men after me was what he said that day when his friend Spencer Bowlin caught up with him in the woods on Gray’s Branch Road in White Plains, Ky. Though Spencer never saw any men chasing would be the last time any one would ever see Christopher “Chris” Frank Robinson! He simply vanished from the woods and was never seen or heard to utter another word after….“There are men after me”! With much trepidations, ChrisRead More

Mohon: Another Migrant Farmworker killed on Natcher Parkway

July 24, 2007-Julio Caesar Hernandez, 22 of Hopkinsville was killed! -A migrant farm worker used in Kentucky State Bid Mowing Contract won by Clay Mohon Mowing, was struck the morning of Tuesday July 27, 2007 and killed on the William H. Natcher Parkway near Owemsboro, Kentucky. Julio Cesar Hernandez, 22, of Hopkinsville was pronounced dead at the accident site, just south of the 69 mile marker in Daviess County. Deputy Coroner Darrell Day said Hernandez was in the grassy median between the northbound and southbound lanes at 10:28 a.m., whenRead More

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